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we’ve selected some of our favourite fizz, white, red and rosé from our wine list. perfect for any occasion, cheers!

125ml 175ml carafe bottle

Prosecco Simpatico DOC, Italy. 11%

ever popular Prosecco! light, fresh, fruity & bubbly!

£5.00 £26.00

Sauvignon Blanc Waddling Duck. Marlborough, N’ Zealand. 12.5%

deliciously crisp and fresh. lime, gooseberry and tropical flavours.

£4.60 £6.40 £18.00 £26.00

Negroamaro Salento IGT Podere Don Cataldo, Italy. 13%

sweet, lush, ripe red fruits and a firm finish.

£4.60 £6.40 £17.50 £25.00

Pinot Grigio Blush Primi Soli, Italy. 12.5%

pretty wine with a soft, refreshing burst of summer fruits.

£3.30 £4.60 £12.00 £17.00


125ml bottle

Prosecco Simpatico Rosa, Italy. 11%

pink prosecco with oodles of fruit flavours and strawberry sherbet.

£5.50 £28.50

Prosseco Simpatico Oro, Italy. 11%

go for gold! a step up in quality with streams of tiny bubbles. try it.


Champagne De Castlenau Brut NV, France. 12%

do we need an excuse to order champagne? we don’t think so…

£8.00 £45.00

Champagne De Castlenau Brut Reserva, France. 12%

brut reserve- the soul of a vintage in the body of a non-vintage.


Cloudy Bay Pelorus, New Zealand. 12.5%

fizzy-cloudy-bay! we don’t need to say anymore!



Frizzante Healy & Gray 200ml Bottle. 10%

adorable baby bottles of bubbles! say that 3 ties fast!



125ml 175ml carafe bottle

Zinfandel Rosé Monterey Bay, USA. 10.5%

racy mix of watermelon and cherry with a delectable sweetness.

£3.50 £4.80 £14.00 £19.00

Provence Rosé Quinson, France. 12.5%

traditional corset bottle. a delightful elegant lady provence rosé.



125ml 175ml carafe bottle

Pinot Grigio Primi Soli, Italy. 12.5%

dry, crisp and fruity with a subtle hint of lemons.

 £3.30 £4.60 £12.00 £17.00

Sauvignon Blanc Marquis de Golaine Touraine, France 14%

fresh and loire sauvignon. zingy!

 £3.50 £4.80 £13.00 £19.00

Chardonnay IGP Val de Loire Fildefere, France. 12%

served in a quirky bottle, this wine is clean and refreshing.


Muscadet Fildefere, France. 11.5%

muscadet by the sea! perfect with the seafood smidgens. quirky bottle also.


Frascati Superior DOC Botter, Italy. 14%.

dry fresh and lemony roman.

 £4.30 £6.00 £17.00 £24.00

Sancerre Domaine Durand, France. 13%

a small family producer that focus on quality.


Chenin Blanc Inkosi, South Africa. 12.5%

off dry, bursting with citrus and pineapple flavours.

 £3.30 £4.60 £12.00 £17.00

Chardonnay Down Under, Australia. 12%

no oak – cheeky chardonnay from south australia.

 £3.50 £4.80 £13.00 £19.00

Rioja Blanco (viura) Azabache Barrel Fermented, Spain. 13%

a fresh and zesty spanish beauty.


Vermentino Salento IGT Podeed Don Cataldo, Italy. 12.5%

gorgeous mediterranean with a full and elegant body.

£4.60 £6.40 £17.00 £25.00

Gavi di Gavi II Portino, Italy. 12.5%

fruity and aromatic with a mouth-watering citrus finish.


Pinot Gris – Arthur Metz Caveau, France. 12%

perfectly beautiful alsace pinot gris.

£5.00 £6.70 £18.50 £27.00

Albarino Lolo, Spain. 12%

gorgeous glacian with an aromatic bouquet of herbs and fruit.


Sangiovese Primi Soli, Italy 12.5%

super deliciously light. ask for a bucket and try it chilled!

 £3.30 £4.60 £12.00 £17.00

Malbec Parlez-vous? France 13%

lusciously light malbec from southern france.

 £3.60 £5.00 £14.00 £20.00

Cotes du Rhone Victor Berard, France. 14%

granache syrah combo frm the rhone – try with our meat smidgen platter.


Merlot IGP Pays d’Oc Fildefere, France. 12.5%

elegant merlot from the languedoc, also served in a quirky bottle!


Rioja Joven Faustino Rivero, Spain. 14%

a light, dry and bright young rioja with red berry fruit.

£4.60 £6.40 £17.00 £25.00

Pinot Noir Longbend, New Zealand. 13.5%

we just love this silky, smooth pinot noir from marlborough! so will you!



125ml 175ml carafe bottle

Pinotage Inkosi, South Africa. 13%

a south african classic. smooth and ripe damson, soft and rounded.

£3.30 £4.60 £12.00 £17.00

Merlot Monterey Bay, USA. 12%

californian style easy drinking merlot. ideal for people watching.

£3.50 £4.80 £13.00 £19.00

Shiraz Down Under, Australia. 14%

it’s all about the fruit in this bold aussie shiraz!

£3.40 £4.70 £12.50 £18.00

Cabernet Sauvignon Growers Gate, Australia. 14.5%.

rich, ripe and minty cabernet. why not try with our paté smidgens board?

£4.00 £5.60 £15.00 £22.00

Pinot Noir Los Gansos, Chile. 12%

fuller style, chilean pinot that sure to warm you up… get it?

£4.50 £6.30 £17.00 £24.00

Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Salento IGT Podere Don Cataldo, Italy.

fantastic wine from salento. intensly fruity with herby notes.

sWEET AND pORTY…   50ml  bottle

Sauterness Chateau Les Mingets Sauterness, France. 35cl 14%

luscious dessert wine, nice with cheese for a change.

£3.50 £26.00

Chocolate Wine Liquer Rubis, Portugal. 35cl 15%

indulgent blend of fortified wine and premium chocolate. yum!

£3.50 £26.00

Taylors LbV Port, Portugal. 20%

taylor’s-well known but did you know it dates back to the 18th century?

 £3.50 £39.00

Reserva Fortified Robert Reynolds, Portugal. 19%

dark and powerful. fifty shades of wonderful.

£5.50 £80.00



Jean Pabiot Pouilly Fume Domaine des Fines Caillottes, France. 14%

opens up with floral notes, blossom and ripe apricots. velvety smooth peach and pear fruits lead to a stunning, spicy vanilla finish.


Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand. 14%

the palate is ripe, fine and succulent. offering zesty, ripe citrus flavours coupled with an edge of minerality and sweet herbs.


Puligny Montrachet Domaine Jean Pascal, France. 13.5%

lightly oaked retaining butterscotch and hazelnut hints. finishes with complex flavours of brioche and cinnamon.


Chateauneuf du Pape Reserva des Argenties, France. 14%

a complex bouquet of fruit and spices with notes of liquorice, leather and wild fruits. delivering a big mouth feel with silky tannins.


Chateau Musar, Lebanon. 14%.

made largely from cabernet sauvignon with some cinsault and syrah. ripeness is the hallmark of this striking wine of real character.


Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir, New Zealand. 14%

offers flavours of dark mocha, smooth vanilla and subtle spices.



We love wine and pride ourselves at having a wide variety of wine from all across the globe. The widest range in town in fact!

Twenty two of these varieties are available by the glass, this means that there is always something new to try and something for all occasions.

We have all the classic grapes you will have heard of alongside some lesser known grapes and big bursting bubbles.

And new discoveries on the horizon!


3 different 50ml taster glasses from your choice of our red, white and rosé wines that are available by-the-glass. 

a chance to find a new favourite – without committing!

£5.50 per flight